Том 21 (2018)

  1. A Green–Naghdi model in a 2D problem of a mode I crack in an isotropic thermoelastic plate
    стр. 5 - 9
    I.A. Abbas, F.S. Alzahrani1 (Egypt, Saudi Arabia)
  2. Compressive brittle fracture prediction in blunt V-notched PMMA specimens by means of the strain energy density approach
    стр. 10 - 15
    A.R. Torabi, M.R. Ayatollahi, M. Colussi1 (Iran, Italy)
  3. Fracture assessment of inclined double keyhole notches in isostatic graphite
    стр. 16 - 22
    H. Salavati, Y. Alizadeh, M.R. Ayatollahi (Iran)
  4. Fractional order theory in a semiconductor medium photogenerated by a focused laser beam
    стр. 23 - 29
    F.S. Alzahrani, I.A. Abbas (Saudi Arabia)
  5. Numerical evaluation of T-stress under mixed mode loading through the use of coarse meshes
    стр. 30 - 40
    M. Acanfora, P. Gallo, S.M.J. Razavi1, M.R. Ayatollahi2, F. Berto1 (Finland, Norway, Iran)
  6. A mode I crack problem for a thermoelastic fibre-reinforced anisotropic material using finite element method
    стр. 41 - 45
    I.A. Abbas, S.M.J. Razavi1 (Egypt, Norway)
  7. Effect of stacking sequence on low-velocity impact behavior of metal laminates
    стр. 46 - 55
    H. Khoramishad, M. Bagheri Tofighi, M. Khodaei (Iran)
  8. A study on fractional order theory in thermoelastic half-space under thermal loading
    стр. 56 - 62
    I.A. Abbas (Egypt)
  9. Experimental study of high temperature fracture behavior of A286 superalloy at 650C
    стр. 63 - 70
    M. Hagh Panahi, H. Pirali (Iran)
  10. Fracture loads prediction on notched short glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6 using the strain energy density
    стр. 71 - 78
    F.T. Ibáñez-Gutiérez, S. Cicero, V. Madrazo, F. Berto (Spain)
  11. Evolution of crack tip constraint in a mode II elastic-plastic crack problem
    стр. 79 - 83
    M.R. Ayatollahi, F. Berto1 (Iran, Norway)
  12. Influence of cell topology on mode I fracture toughness of cellular structures
    стр. 84 - 91
    E. Linul, D.A. Serban, L. Marsavina (Romania)