Том 20 (2017)

  1. Note on the history of contact mechanics and friction: Interplay of electrostatics, theory of gravitation and elasticity from Coulomb to Johnson–Kendall–Roberts theory of adhesion
    стр. 5 - 9
    E. Popova, V.L. Popov (Germany)
  2. Modelling deep tonometry of lymphedematous tissue
    стр. 10 - 17
    J. Nowak, M. Kaczmarek (Poland)
  3. Corotational finite element formulation for virtual-reality based surgery simulators
    стр. 18 - 25
    D. Marinković, M. Zehn (Germany)
  4. Multimode active control of friction, dynamic ratchets and actuators
    стр. 26 - 32
    M. Popov, Q. Li (Germany)
  5. Strain localization in titanium with a modified surface layer
    стр. 33 - 42
    R.R. Balokhonov, V.A. Romanova, A.V. Panin, M.S. Kazachenok, S.A. Martynov (Russia)
  6. Numerical study of mechanical properties of nanoparticles of β-type Ti-Nb alloy under conditions identical to laser sintering. Multilevel approach
    стр. 43 - 50
    A.Yu. Nikonov, A.M. Zharmukhambetova, A.V. Ponomareva, A.I. Dmitriev (Russia)
  7. On the tensor of tangential stiffness in contact problems
    стр. 51 - 56
    Q. Li (Germany)
  8. On the sensitivity of adhesion between rough surfaces to asperity height distribution
    стр. 57 - 64
    M. Ciavarella, A. Papangelo1 (Italy, Germany)
  9. A generalized Johnson parameter for pull-off decay in the adhesion of rough surfaces
    стр. 65 - 72
    M. Ciavarella, A. Papangelo1 (Italy, Germany)
  10. Contact properties and adhesion of incompressible power-law gradient media with high gradients
    стр. 73 - 76
    V.L. Popov (Germany)
  11. Mapping of two-dimensional contact problems on a problem with a one-dimensional parametrization
    стр. 77 - 81
    V.L. Popov (Germany)
  12. Influence of stress dependence of lubricant shear modulus on self-similar behavior of stress time series
    стр. 82 - 90
    N.N. Manko, I.A. Lyashenko (Ukraine)
  13. On the possibility of frictional damping with reduced wear: A note on the applicability of Archard’s law of adhesive wear under conditions of fretting
    стр. 91 - 95
    Q. Li, V.L. Popov (Germany)
  14. Consideration of stress stiffening and material reorientation in modal space based finite element solutions
    стр. 96 - 104
    D. Marinković, M. Zehn (Germany)
  15. Evaluation and development of expanded equations based on Takayanagi model for tensile modulus of polymer nanocomposites assuming the formation of percolating networks
    стр. 105 - 110
    Y. Zare, K.Y. Rhee1 (Iran, Republic of Korea)