Том 18 (2015)

  1. Crack initiation at V-notch tip under in-plane mixed mode loading: A review of the fictitious notch rounding concept
    стр. 5 - 13
    F. Berto (Italy)
  2. Brittle fracture of rounded V-notches in isostatic graphite under static multiaxial loading
    стр. 14 - 26
    F. Berto, A. Campagnolo, M.R. Ayatollahi1 (Italy, Iran)
  3. Some considerations on the J-integral under elastic-plastic conditions for materials obeying a Ramberg–Osgood law
    стр. 27 - 34
    P. Gallo , F. Berto (Italy)
  4. Fracture assessment of notched bainitic functionally graded steels under mixed mode (I + II) loading
    стр. 35 - 52
    H. Salavati, Y. Alizadeh, F. Berto1 (Iran, Italy)
  5. Mode I fracture analysis of polymethylmetacrylate using modified energy-based models
    стр. 53 - 62
    M.R. Ayatollahi, S.M.J. Razavi, M. Rashidi Moghaddam, F. Berto1 (Iran, Italy)
  6. On the ability of the equivalent material concept in predicting ductile failure of U-notches under moderate- and large-scale yielding conditions
    стр. 63 - 73
    A.R. Torabi, R. Habibi, B. Mohammad Hosseini (Iran)
  7. Critical plane orientation influence on multiaxial high-cycle fatigue assessment
    стр. 74 - 79
    A. Carpinteri, C. Ronchei, D. Scorza, S. Vantadori (Italy)
  8. Crack tip opening angle as a fracture resistance parameter to describe ductile crack extension and arrest in steel pipes under service pressure
    стр. 80 - 93
    M. Ben Amara, G. Pluvinage, J. Capelle, Z. Azari (France)
  9. Multiscaling and multifactoring of mechanical and biological systems
    стр. 94 - 99
    G.C. Sih (USA)
  10. Основы физической мезомеханики пластической деформации и разрушения твердых тел как нелинейных иерархически организованных систем
    стр. 100 - 113
    В.Е. Панин, В.Е. Егорушкин (Россия)
  11. Optimum shapes of elastic bodies: Equistrong wings of aircrafts and equistrong underground tunnels
    стр. 114 - 123
    G.P. Cherepanov (USA)
  12. A potential-based smoothed particle hydrodynamics approach for the dynamic failure assessment of compact and granular materials
    стр. 124 - 136
    R. Brighenti , N. Corbari (Italy)
  13. Damage mechanisms of hierarchical composites: Computational modelling
    стр. 137 - 143
    L. Mishnaevsky, Jr (Denmark)