Том 15 (2012)

Contact mechanics modeling of piezo-actuated stick-slip microdrives

Nguyen H.X. 1, Edeler C. 1, Fatikow S. 1

1University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, 26121, Germany

УДК 539.62

This paper draws a line from early attempts of modeling stick-slip microdrives to open questions from today’s research. As a basis, it contains a collection of substantial investigations on piezo-actuated stick-slip microdrives for nanomanipulation purposes. Friction models showing special characteristics and their mathematical representations are reviewed. It is found that the working properties of stick-slip drives strongly depend on friction characteristics of the contact points between the guiding elements, which is known for years. However, numerous publications in the field of friction and remaining problems — which cannot be explained by known friction models — indicate that there is a demand for even more friction-related research.

Former attempts to model stick-slip drives are based on the so-called LuGre friction model, which is shortly presented. An empirical model called CEIM is also analyzed. It is an adaption of the elastoplastic model. The latter can cover not only the phenomenon “0-amplitude” (described by the authors in recent publications), but also stick-slip based force generation scenarios. Nevertheless, interesting friction characteristics such as the generation of µN forces with stick-slip drives, which are already proven, cannot be covered by known friction models. It is pointed out which characteristics have to be considered.

стр. 37 – 43

Образец цитирования:
Nguyen H.X. , Edeler C. , Fatikow S.   Contact mechanics modeling of piezo-actuated stick-slip microdrives // Физ. мезомех. - 2012. - Т. 15. - № 4. - С. 37-43