Fundamental and applied research

ISPMS SB RAS is one of the global leaders in multilevel approaches in materials science. The Institute carries out breakthrough world-class fundamental and applied research in the field of development of materials and advanced production technologies for the aerospace industry, transport, mechanical engineering, nuclear energy, high-tech medicine, oil and gas industry, and development of the Arctic.
The Institute was assigned category I in the Knowledge Generation profile.

Priority research area

Physical Mesomechanics of Materials and Nanotechnology

Research areas

  • Physical mesomechanics of heterogeneous media
  • Nanostructured bulk and nanosized materials, nanostructured surface layers, thin films and coatings
  • Nanotechnology
  • Advanced materials based on metals, ceramics and polymers
  • Computer-aided design of new materials and production technologies
  • Fundamentals of hardening and surface treatment technologies
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Engineering of unique equipment and technologies for research, industry, and diagnostics
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