R&D Program

Strategic Plan 2019–2023

The ISPMS Strategic Plan sets out a framework of the following priorities and directions for the Institute:

1. The performance of innovative fundamental and applied research in the field of new materials and advanced digital manufacturing technologies to promote the entry of the Russian Federation into the top five largest economies in the world.

2. Creation of a favorable environment for conducting world-class scientific research and professional growth of promising young researchers to promote the leadership of Russian scientists in materials science. These measures will help to achieve global competitiveness of key sectors of the Russian economy in compliance with the goals and objectives of the Science National Project, presidential decree on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation until 2024, and the Strategic Science and Technology Plan of the Russian Federation.

3. The development of a system for training highly skilled specialists with interdisciplinary competencies in materials science and advanced digital manufacturing technologies and experience in international research teams to engage promising young scientists and world-class specialists in the research and development activities of the Russian Federation.

Program Indicators 2019–2023

20 %

Increase in the number of publications in journals indexed in
international databases, as compared to 2017

50 %

Percentage of researchers published in Q1 and Q2 journals


Number of patent applications, including 7 applications
in 2019, 7 applications in 2020, 7 applications in 2021,
7 applications in 2022, 8 applications in 2023


Number of technologies applied to production and
developed using the intellectual property exclusively owned by the Institute


Number of jobs created to increase the share of young
scientists at the Institute